Friday, July 27, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

Not quite our usual summer around here. As we move into the final days of July, we've had more than a year's worth of rain and have yet to make it to 100 degrees, a mark we usually hit by April. I'm not complaining about the cooler weather, since our summers are usually unbearably hot and humid, requiring minimal excursions out into the non-air conditioned world, but the rain has been out of control. Mosquitoes are everywhere and can't be avoided. The grass grows knee-high before it's dry enough to even attempt to cut it. The shear amount of mold in the air makes breathing, for those of us with the allergy, quite the adventure, while instigating brutal headaches.

So...summer still sucks.


Germán said...

I'm reading your post from Uruguay, in South America. It's winter here and we've had a very dry and cold winter. I hope that you can put up with the heat. Good luck. Germán.

dng said...

We don't usually see much rain here in the summer. It's rained seemingly every day for the last few months. The ground is so saturated that every time it rains now, we get put under a flash flood warning.